New portraits

A while ago, I had a chance to do a portrait photo shoot with lovely Anna. If you'd like to see more photos of this session please click here.

Model: Anna Ikäheimonen

Location: Mustikkamaa, Helsinki

Date: June 14, 2020

Book a lifestyle photography session

Planning a visit to an amusement park, taking a day trip to a picturesque beach, having a lovely birthday pique-nique in a nearby park or maybe just chilling out at home making pizza - there's all sorts of fun things to do as a family - but why not turn it into a casual photography session at the same time?

Having a photographer follow you on your excursion is a great way to create lasting memories to hang on the wall or share with family and friends online, and the best thing is all you need to focus on is having a good time and enjoying your day.

Please have a look at some examples of a tailored lifestyle photo shoot and drop me a line via email if you'd like to organize a shoot of your own. Price from €260.

About the photographer

I'm a Helsinki based photographer whose style is rooted in the art of street photography. I'm intrigued by real, non-posing individuals, interaction among people and spontaneous moments. I work mostly in monochrome with available light and look for moments where my subjects reveal something about their personalities and show real emotions.

Whether you need beautiful portraits, a photo shoot tailored to your needs or an event documented in a discreet manner without missing a key moment, I can make that happen for you.

To learn more about my style please visit my portfolio, and send your inquiry by email.

Stories & Photos

Mura Sushi

Mura is a Japanese word meaning 'a small village', and it is also a name of a sushi restaurant that opened for the 2015 - 2016 ski season in the heart of Ruka Ski Resort. I had a chance to visit this small, cosy restaurant and of course I took a camera with me.

The restaurant was full of interesting details, and photographing Antti and Ella, the sushi chefs, in action proved to be a lot of fun. Here you'll find a small photo reportage I'd like to share with you.

Ice Climbling in Ruka Ski Resort

In Ruka, there's a 40 meters high ice wall next to Kuru slope, and I had a chance to go and try some ice climbing there.

The day started with meeting our guide from Outdoor Passion Finland, Jussi Tupasela. Then it was time to gear up. Jussi got us acquainted with the equipment, and we put on our climbing boots, gaiters, harnesses, crampons, and helmets. After a slow paced 15-minute hike we arrived at the foot of the climbing spot. We got an introduction to a proper climbing technique, safety instructions, and some warm-up exercises for the upper body and arms to prepare us for the task ahead. Then it was time to climb.

Ice climbing proved to be lots of fun, and time just flew on the wall. The day ended by the fire place at restaurant Piste with some well deserved hot chocolate. If you're heading to Ruka and want to do something else than skiing for a change, ice climbing is well worth trying out. You can reach Jussi through his website or via Facebook.

Guide: Jussi Tupasela, Outdoor Passion Finland

Bilayer: Ashley Howard

Climbers: Maija Eskola, James Williams, Talvi Tupasela, Isabella Emery, Hannah Chandler, Janne Miettinen

Location: Ruka Ski Resort, Finland

Here you'll find photos of the event.